High Uinta Adventure







Last weekend Meghan and I headed up to the High Uintas to escape the Salt Lake heat and to beat the attack of mosquitos that will ensue in the mountains within the next month. On our way out of town we stopped at Western Rivers Flyfisher to buy flies. Meghan, Tim and I took a fly fishing class through them last fall which was an excellent introduction to the sport which is quickly becoming an obsession.

Once through Kamas and on the Mirror Lake Highway we stopped at the  Samak Smoke House, which has become a ritual every time we head up to the Uintas. Their sandwiches and jerky are delicious; you can also purchase an arm load of firewood for $10 and your Mirror Lake pass here, making this gem a one stop shop.

Heading in from the Kamas side we climbed up in elevation where snow was still prevalent going over Bald Mountain Pass. Once we started to descend towards Evanston the snow disappeared and the vibrant green mountains opened up. We had decided to camp at Sulphur Campground, per Angela’s recommendation. Hayden’s Fork of the Upper Provo runs through the campground, making this the perfect place to practice our fishing skills; or lack there of. On my third cast, I caught my 3rd fish, ever! I have really become a pro at catching the smallest fish in the river.

Across the street from Sulphur Campground is the trailhead for Bourbon Lake. After a mid afternoon nap we decided to go try to fish in the lake. The trail was quiet, with small yellow flowers and moss growing everywhere, it was beautiful! The lake was pristine with a snow covered peak hovering right off shore. After struggling to determine which flies were wet flies and which were dry, we just tied one on (which also took some patience and practice). Although we didn’t catch anything it was a spectacular setting and we will definitely be heading back for those monster fish.

Our intentions of hiking to Amethyst Lake the next morning changed when we woke up to freezing temps and cloudy sky’s. We decided to go for Scow Lake instead. We ended up not making it there either; none the less we enjoyed a spectacular hike through burnt forest, green pastures, snow, thunder and hail.

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