Queens on Kings













Kings Peak is the highest peak in Utah, standing at 13,528. The hike is 32 miles round trip. Meghan and I left Salt Lake on Friday and headed East to the Henry’s Fork Trailhead in the Uintas. It was the inaugural night sleeping in the back of mine and Tim’s new truck, which initially seemed very cozy until the temperatures dropped significantly. The alarm went off at 5am and by no means were we jumping out of our sleeping bags. We cooked breakfast in the bed of the truck and packed our bags for our hike in. 4 hours later, we arrived a mile below Gunsight Pass where we set up camp. Aspen and Coal were pooped; we dropped our packs and zipped the dogs in the tent with water and bones. Meg and I headed for the summit. After gaining Gunsight we cut right following small carins that led up along a goat path through several scree fields to Anderson Pass, at the base of Kings. Kings is an interesting peak;  a boulder field with little direction, we followed the ridge to the summit. The views are beautiful and well worth the scramble. 26 miles for the day we made it back to camp for chili, water, wine and sleep.

Day two we woke to warmer temperatures and cloudier skies. We had 8.5 miles out, which did not pass as fast as we had hoped. We made it out safe and sound and are happy to say we did it!

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