Look out Jackson town













Jackson being about four and a half hours from Salt Lake makes it perfect for the last minute bike trip but we’d never explored anything over the pass in Idaho before this trip.  Every recreational enthusiast  knows Jackson’s biking off the pass is all time, the skiings steep, the Grand is grand and the people are so fit it’ll make you sick.

We biked Shadow Mountain the first day. Fast, and fun with great views of the Grand. Day two proved less prospers as far as the biking, due to our out dated guide book but the drive out the Gros Ventre Road was epic by itself; red hills, ranch land, yellow aspens along the Gros Ventre river which pooled turquoise below. The biking ended up being us exploring cattle trails through sage and never really sure if we found where we were meant to be.

Day three we biked the pass with no surprises as far as the biking goes. Grip the bars and let her run… smooth & fast.  The surprise came hitching back up to the top of the pass.  The driver and her friend proved great hosts, handing me a Pabst and telling of their plans for the Virgin Islands for the winter.  Are you gonna sell the car before the trip I asked, “no she’s been so good I gotta hang on to it” was about what she said right before the car made some ticking then went silent.  I pushed the car next to mine at the top of Teton Pass. Picked Dev up at the bottom of the pass and we went back up to pick up our new friends who lived in Victor, Idaho on the other side of the pass.

Originally planing on passing through to make it to Sun Valley for some more biking our new companions told us all the great things about Driggs/ Victor, with enthusiasm, which must have been fueled by the Pabst and other paraphernalia; that we had to check out all we could. The Wind Tunnel was huge!  Even though the ‘life time local’ sent us up the wrong canyon to find it.  Which only brought us to another cool hike, free camping, moose, gorgeous views, a trail runner who pointed us in the right direction of the Wind Tunnel and apologized if he was brief on the trail in giving directions.  We were very impressed when we finally found the giant cave.  We got snowed out on the biking, but can’t wait to see what the winters are like up there.

On the way home we took the scenic route stopping at Lava Hot Springs and then heading through Logan, skated Logan’s skate park for the fourth skate park on the trip, sampled cheese at Gosner’s Cheese Factory and rolled back into Salt Lake very content.

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